Shri Mangal Yantra Card
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Shri Mangal Yantra -The masculine energy of Mars shows the projection of our vital energy and emotion, and it indicates our passion, motivation, and determination. A strong Mars will indicate these qualities of vitality, power, endurance, drive, courage etc.

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    Shri Mangal Yantra Card

    Shri Mangal Yantra Card benefits a native with weak Mangal (Mars) placement in birth chart. Shri Mangal Yantra 3 inches triangle can be placed at the place of work/ home, but it more powerful when you carry it in your wallet / purse. 

    When worshipped it effectively alleviates malefic effects of Mangal Graha, brings prosperity, success in business, heals marital discord, helps to get rid of debts, helps the problems of having difficulties in conceiving child, protects from accidents and brings happiness.

    How to Recite Mangal Mantra

    • Do your recitations on a Tuesday for most advantages. Start by taking a bath and wearing fresh and washed clothes.
    • Sit yourself in a lotus position and have you Jaapa Mala with you for the chanting of your Mangal Mantra.
         || ॐ क्राम क्रीम सः भौमाय नमः ||

          Om Kraam Kreem Kraum Sahah Bhaumaay Namah

          Meaning - I bow down with reverence to Bhauma (another name for Lord Mangal as the Son of Bhuma).

           Now chant the Mangal Mantra 108 times which is also one full round of the Jaap Maala.

    • You must repeat the above process for at least 11 days. If you are doing the Mantra for a specific reason, ensure to do the Mantra for as long as your wish is granted. Generally it takes at least 21 days for any wish to be granted by Mangal Graha.
    • Donating things and doing charity on Tuesdays will help you get a better effect of the Mantra. Donate red things for example copper utensils, red lentils, jaggery and mounds.
    • You can also fast on Tuesdays for yielding the maximum benefits of the Mangal Mantra. An appeased Lord Mangal will help you in your life and will remove your hurdles.