Navdurga Yantra Card
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With Bhagya Yantra special Nav Durga Yantra worship nine forms of Goddess Durga, with each holding a special significance and power of yantra. According to a Hindu belief, Goddess Durga manifests in nine forms. Worship of this yantra with faith gives progress in life and eliminates difficult problems. Each manifestation of Goddess Durga is known by her respective name, governing planet, iconography and mantra for invocation.

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    ​Navdurga Yantra Card

    The Navdurga Mahayantra is considered to be one of the most auspicious and powerful yantras. It helps protect it's devotees from evil and negative influences in their lives and is said to help one develop their personalities for the better. 

    One who pleases the Nav Durga Yantra receives her blessings, gets abundant wealth, sound health and protection from all enemies in life. With the blessings of Maa Nav Durga everyone lives a life full of bliss & prosperity. This magnificent Yantra blesses a person with mental peace and harmony in family relations.

    ​Benefits of Navdurga Yantra 

    Goddess Durga has nine names r forms which are: Shailputri, brahmcharini, chandraghanta, kushmanda, skandmata, katyaini, kaalratri, mahagauri, and siddhatri. In Navratri, worshiping all these forms of Goddess Durga is important. Navratri puja is started with the Kalash Sthapana. According to Hindu customs, Kalash is considered to represent Lord Ganesha, therefore the puja is started with chanting lord Ganesha’s mantra. Thereafter, different forms of Goddess Durga is worshipped by chanting the Navdurga Mantra.
    Navdurga yantra is charged by Navdurga mantra. It is beneficial for Fulfillment of all desires, Protection from enemies and evil spirit.