Manokamana Yantra Card
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Manokamana (Wish fulfillment) Yantra is recommended for fulfillment of all desires and success. Traditionally, this yantra is regarded as an extremely lucky and auspicious, that is why it is considered as lucky charm for all. It can be placed in your temple at home, on your worktable or in your cash box.

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    ​Manokamana Yantra Card

    It works on the principal of intensifying your desires and wishes and attracting universal energies for materializing those desires and wishes.

    Manokamana Siddhi Yantra/Manokamana Purti Puja Yantra (मनोकामना सिद्धि यन्त्रyantra will be lucky for the holder and it will provide protection against black magic and evil spells and remove obstacles. Removes sorrow and gives wealth, increase in fortune and business, success in love and relationships, remove Vaastu defects and bring harmony. This is a wonderful religious and spiritual gift for your family and friends.

    Manokamna Siddhi Yantra Benefits:

    This Manokamana Yantra card is a type of prayer which creates an aura of protection around you and safeguards from any mishaps, sometimes, misfortune. However, it is a Divine protector that creates a powerful spiritual Guard on you. Moreover, this may protect you from Evils, Dangers, Misfortunes, Black magic, bad luck. Besides, Losses in business, accidents, buri nazar i.e., evil eyes, bad health etc.