Mangal Yantra Card
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Unleashing the Power of Siddh Mangal Yantra: Harnessing Auspicious Energies
We introduce you to the Siddh Mangal Yantra, energized by the experts at Bhagya Cards is known for its expertise in astrology and divine sciences, has meticulously crafted and activated the Shri Mangal Yantra using the sacred power of mantras. Compared to a regular yantra, the Siddh Mangal Yantra exhibits 10 times greater efficacy, making it an exceptional tool for harnessing positive energy and attracting auspicious influences.

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    ​Mangal Yantra Card Benefits

    The Mangal/Bhoom Yantra is dedicated to the planet Mars. Mangal is the Indian name for Mars and this is a planet that plays a vital role in the Indian astrology. This particular planet is normally associated with negativity in the Indian astrology and is said to be the major cause of accidents, troubles and untimely deaths. Therefore to combat this negative effect of the planet and nullify it the Mangal Yantra was created. Siddh Mangal Yantra Card when worshipped gives relief from ill effects of the planets Mangal, helps to overcome debts, delay in marriage, protection from accidents and mishaps. These are the persons who need to have this Mangal Yantra to protect themselves from getting into trouble.

    How to use Mangal Yantra

    The invoking of the Mangal Yantra and its worship is carried out on Tuesdays. It has specifically to be carried out on a Tuesday as it is the only auspicious day for it, worship any other day would not produce the same results. According to customs and rituals one must have fasted for 21 simultaneous Tuesdays to be able to carry out the puja. 

    Mangal Grah gives back the divine vibrations to the who worships it and brings happiness and prosperity. It energizes the location where it is installed, and proper care has to be taken while worshipping the yantra. Pleasing planet Mars by offering and prayers and chanting the right mantra increases the power of Yantra Card.